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Container Enterprise Group (Pty) Ltd is the trading name of our national container supply company. Via the C.E GROUP  website we supply containers for all applications right across SOUTH AFRICA by sale and rent to own.

We specialise in supplying CCE (PTY) LTD,CUE (PTY)LTD as our Co branding  container projects and working with our customers to make their plans and designs a reality.

We C.E GROUP  (Pty) Ltd, have been operating since 2009. Our competitors give us strength and motivation to keep on doing the great and best designs of all times. We pledge a sincere promise to always provide the best products and services. We are proud and pleased to know that we are the cheapest cargo container sellers in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Tom Ferguson picture

Tom Ferguson


M.K Nyathi picture

M.K Nyathi

Sales Manager

M.K Nyathi picture

M.K Nyathi

Financial Manager

Richards Ferguson picture

Richards Ferguson

Operational Manager

Richards Watson picture

Richards Watson

Logistics Manager

Left side

Ben Jackson picture

Ben Jackson

Supervisor Welding Department

I have 4 years working with Container Enterprise Group Pty Ltd.

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